FiveSeasonStuff® 10 Stems of Real Touch Silk ‘Petals Feel and Look like Fresh Roses’ Artificial Flower Bouquet Floral Arrangement, Perfect for Wedding, Bridal, Party, Home, Office Décor DIY (White with Purple Edge #11)

Decorate your bridal wedding, party, home, office or DIY bouquet with these FiveSeasonStuff real touch silk roses that feel like fresh roses that you will have all year round

Stem can be trimmed and bent

Please Note: Due to different colour monitors, the colour from the actual flower and from the actual photo on your monitor may vary

Each rose flower is handmade and during transit, the delicate petals and leafs may fall off. If this happens, the petals can be attached together to the sepal and leafs to the stems with hot glue

Package Contents:

10 x FiveSeasonStuff real touch silk ‘petals feel like fresh roses’ artificial flower bouquet, sealed in FiveSeasonStuff branded packaging

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