Creating the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

The crowning glory of any wedding’s flower arrangements is, of course, the bridal bouquet. An accessory designed to accentuate your beautiful gown, your bouquet is going to appear in every picture and memory of the day. However, there’s only so much a florist can do when it comes to getting you the perfect bouquet, so what are the things that you can do to ensure your bouquet is flawless?

Well, the first thing to keep in mind is the season. The best quality flowers can be purchased when in season, and every bridal bouquet should be made from only the freshest, healthiest blossoms. Some flowers, like peonies, bloom at sporadic intervals for brief periods of time, meaning that at some parts of the year it will be next to impossible to get these blooms. When planning your wedding, it’s important that you take into account the season and consult with your florist as to which flowers will be in bloom at that time of the year. You’re going to want flowers that are fresh and not wilting, and a great tip for keeping them fresh until the wedding is to keep it in a vase of water, making sure the tips of each and every stem is submerged.

Remember to keep your theme and colour scheme in mind when planning your floral arrangements, and most specifically, your bouquet. Whilst they’re important, their job is to enhance the brilliance of the evening, and it’s important that they’re not jarring or disharmonious when held together. Considers colours and shades that go well together, and match these with your theme. If you’re having a coastal wedding, think about flowers that are associated with the sea, or if you’re having an all white wedding, it’s important to consider which flowers will bring out that pop of colour. A great way of making sure your theme works is using your flowers to complement it since scents and colours really affect the way we perceive things.

one of this matters in the long run if your bouquet doesn’t represent who you are. Consider your favourite flowers and colours, and think about the image you want to convey as you walk down the aisle. Softer shades of pink are much more subtle against a traditional white dress, whilst red roses are a much bolder choice. Drawing on yourself for inspiration is a great way of creating your perfect bouquet, especially if you’re drawing on something that has a special meaning to you. A professional tip for creating a bouquet which carries a sentimental significance is to use flowers which have a special meaning to you and your partner. What was the first flower he ever gave to you, for instance?

It’s important for you to plan your bridal bouquet to your personal tastes and preferences because this means there’ll be no doubt that it’ll be perfect. You’re the bride, after all, and you know best when it comes to your special day.

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